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Champion of the Beach (COB) Ladder League

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Meet, Play, and Compete with players in your local community

  • One KOB/QOB style match every two weeks
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Signing up for the COB Ladder League only commits players to one KOB style match (3 games) every two weeks. The league is designed to allow players to plan their matches to fit their schedules. The Sand Wannabes will organize the matches so all players are competing with players at a similar skill level. Rankings and competition levels will will increase or decrease based the results from the previous round.


The COB Series is a ladder league comprised of “four player” groups (or “rungs”) with each round allowing teams two weeks to organize and play a three game match. The ladder rungs will be posted every other Monday, and a “Rung Leader” will be marked in bold. It is the Rung Leaders responsibility to contact the other three members and coordinate a time and location to play the COB match. The Rung Leader will also be responsible for reporting the scores after the match is played. We recommend that games be scheduled within the first 48 hours after the rungs have been posted and that the scores are reported on the same day of the COB match.

Game Play:

Matches consist of three games to 21 with no cap, played between the 4 members of each rung in a KOB/QOB format. This is comprised of 3 games with rotating partners so that each player plays with, and against, the other 3 players.  It is up to the Rung Leader to determine how the preliminary teams are determined*. After the first game, players will rotate to the left and play the second game with a new partner. The third game will be played with the person that each hasn’t partnered with and will conclude the match. * We recommend all players roll balls across the court from service line to service line. The two players closest to the line are on the same team. Rock, Paper, Scissors will determine who chooses side or serve. ** Games may be played to 25 if all players agree. 


At the beginning of each round your schedule with be emailed to you along with the contact information of your opponents. Please “reply-all” immediately after receiving this email and let your opponents know a good day/time/location for you to play.  We recommend leaving a few options for easier coordination. If you need to sit out a round then you must notify us at prior to the schedule posting for the next round.  If you are scheduled to play but do not show to a match then you will be removed from the league. In the case of an injury or emergency where you cannot make your match then it’s up to you to coordinate a replacement player that is at an equal skill level as yourself. If this happens then the match will continue as scheduled and the rung leader will mark a “substitute player” in the score report. If you can not find a substitute player then let us know and we will help you find one. This is a player-regulated league which means it is up to all of us to keep things running smoothly. If conflicts arise then the designated Rung Leader will make the call.

Where to play

We have added a “Court Review” section to our website at that lists various options for places to play in Austin. If you would like to add a rating, review, or information about a court that is not on the list then please contact us with details and we will add it to the page.

Score Reporting:

Scoring needs to be reported immediately after the match by the Rung Leader at the following URL: (Can also be accessed under the “COB Series” tab on the SandWannabes website)


Every two weeks the updated ranking sheet will be posted at and sent to all COB members via email. As new members join the COB League they will be placed into the bottom rung of their skill level bracket. Then it is up to that member to move up or down in rankings based on their performance. Since the ladder is an ongoing system there is not an exact formula that dictates your movement. If you perform well during your COB match you will move up and play higher ranked players. If you finish in the bottom of your rung then you will move down and play a less competitive match.




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