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Welcome to the Sand Wannabes!


The Sand Wannabes was created by and for volleyball players to facilitate communication and help grow the sport that we all love! We aim to provide an easy medium for players to communicate with each other so they can plan pick up games, educate each other about the sport, attend local events and tournaments, find trainers, get the best deals on gear and equipment, and most importantly, be a part of the coolest group on the sand!

We appreciate all those who have been supporting us over the years and look forward to growing our group even more to help local venues, tournament directors, and product manufactures reach as many players as possible.

Bump high, set tight, and spike hard!

Perks of being a Wannabe

  • Plan Pick up games
  • Meet volleyball players in your area
  • Join tournaments
  • Get ranked in our KOB Series Ladder League (coming soon)
  • Individual and Group Training Sessions
  • Exclusive offers for discounted volleyball products and clothing

How to Join

Becoming a Wannabe is simple. All you need is a Facebook account and a love for the sport of Volleyball! Click on the link below to log in with your Facebook credentials and then join a group in your local area. If there is not group for your local area please contact us and we will create one for you! The wannabe groups can be managed on our website or on Facebook as we thrive off of easy communication and networking amongst players. Our goal is to evolve the sport of volleyball and the way players communicate.

Become a Sand Wannabe


Become a Sand Wannabe Ambassador!

Join our team and help bring the Sand Wannabes to your city! As an ambassador you will receive the latest and coolest sand wannabe gear, prizes from sponsors and even cash rewards. All you need to do is spread the word. Talk to your friends and fellow volleyball players about our website and have them join the Facebook group that corresponds to their city. Interested in becoming a Sand Wannabe Ambassador?

Contact us today to learn about the exciting opportunities, hook ups, and compensation plans we have designed for our team and see if you qualify to represent the Wannabe’s in your city!

Contact us today to learn more!




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The Sand Wannabes is the best place to promote your volleyball related leagues, events, and products. Contact us today to learn about sponsorship and cross-promotion opportunities.

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